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Refurbishment project of a House “Português Suave” style

The refurbishment project for a House build in the 40’s is located on a plot of land that represents an irregular polygon configuration in a social neighborhood of the beginning of the last century in the city of Lisbon. The house is characterized by a construction from the 40’s in the “Português Suave” style, with rustic stone, wedge and masonry openings, sloping water ceilings with eaves and red tile, arcades of medievalist evocation.

This architectural style widely applied in schools, churches, palaces of justice and social districts, spread from the official architecture to the private one, contradicting the use of concrete, material with which the buildings of the time in Europe were built and fulfilling the demand for Portuguese architecture, personified in the figure of the by architect Raul Lino.

“Português Suave” style was applied in several neighborhoods in the city of Lisbon, urbanizations inserted in the effort initiated by Duarte Pacheco to discipline the expansion of the city, publicized in the official propaganda of the Estado Novo, namely in the magazine of the Lisbon City Council.

The house to be refurbished has an area of ​​340 m2 spread over two floors and it will be adapt to a new use of local accommodation with 12 rooms and areas between 15 m2 and 22 m2.





Under development


Nuno Ladeiro / Carmo Branco


Marta Bento / Bárbara Raimundo / Daniela Leite


Architecture, Interior design, Refurbishment


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