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Villa Utopia, Carnaxide

The Villa Utopia in Carnaxide has several aesthetic design elements in order to support the improvement of the architectural project. The entrance hall was designed with a original aesthetic point of view, developing the expressiveness to the facade of the house. The long perforated metal sheet in Corten steel makes the entrance hall even more unique. The interior have specific aspects of functionality, with a well thought out organization of the space and a special focus on decorative objects (furniture and lighting). The main entrance has a specific distribution of different compartments making a magical place to socialize and live in family. The light effects with a refined atmosphere at the corridor connects the living room, kitchen, elevator, home bathroom and laundry, creating a efficient and simply design that transform the way to live in the house. At the living room, two different areas were created, one more intimate, directed towards the fireplace and contemplation of the exterior landscape, and the other is the traditional dining room where people can eat and talk.

The access stairway to the upper floor was also emphasized, due to the contemporary design of an external waterfall visible through the huge glazing, creating a encourage perspective in the upward path. On the upper floor, the main suite stands out, with a modern design and some relevant details, starts with the Emperor Stone behind the headboard, showing sensitivity, through the effect of the retractable light that comes from small tears in the stone. The “suspended” hall, which gives access to the guest, daughter and son rooms, gives us an idea of “promenade architectural”, including a large open window and a balcony, which make a fantastic light input to the entrance corridor on the lower floor.


Carnaxide, Oeiras


Under development


Nuno Ladeiro / Carmo Branco


Barbara Raimundo / Daniela Alves


Architecture, Interior design


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