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Quality process

Our quality is in our working method.
Our team is dedicated to providing professional architectural design services that not only fulfills our clients’ needs but also adheres to our clients’ budget and schedule. We provide buildable solutions that create functional spaces within enriched aesthetic environments.


In order to meet your expectations, we visualize with you what could be the conceptualization of your project. With our creativity, our know-how and knowledge we help you materialize your ideas in an architectural project. We actively listen to what your needs are, what kind of project you want and what style of architecture and design to do. On the other hand, in order to present you with a sustainable architecture project, we take care of the layout approval for the construction of the building.
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Phase 2

During this stage, we translate the ideas and requirements captured in the Design Brief into the first drawings of what your building could look like, otherwise known as ‘concept designs’. Different concepts are explored until you agree on a preferred option that will be developed in subsequent stages.
In this stage a range of conceptual solutions that both achieve the requirements of your Design Brief and work within any constraints will be presented to you. Assessing the different directions your design could take at this stage will allow you to identify what you like and don’t like from each one. Your preferred concept will then be further developed using drawings, images and possibly 3D models which will show how the building will look on the plot.
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The building regulations stage is about two things. Firstly, it’s about getting official approval for your build, in order to start construction. Secondly, it’s about getting the technical drawings needed for the tendering process. During this phase we are also responsible to coordinate subcontracted engineering professionals. The planning permission in Portugal process requires the assistance of civil, electrical and mechanic engineers in order to guarantee that the projected building's stability, thermal and acoustic projects, drainage capacity, water, gas and electrical systems, telecommunications network and fire detection systems all comply with regional, national and European standards and regulations.In the final phase of the construction process, application must be made to the City Council for a Habitation Certificate or Building Usage Permit. Once issued, this certificate permits the legal occupancy or sale of the building.
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For obtaining a closed price with a construction company it’s vital to have a detailed Project that defines each material and constructive system in every millimeter. This means that measurements with the plans avoid problems in the future and for the design to be complete.
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Our objective of the supervision of construction projects is to guarantee good-quality implementation of the construction project by the contractor with optimal costs pursuant to the contract agreement, technical standards and norms. We pride ourselves in being vigilant in our supervision process to guarantee that work is done to its best level by all contractors and sub-contractors alike.
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