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Noesis is a company with an important track record in the Portuguese market, oriented towards the construction of innovative solutions and that designs, develops, implements and tests innovative technologies to boost its clients’ business growth and optimize their investments in information systems.

Formerly located in Oeiras, it decided to provide greater convenience to its mostly foreign customers. The new office space located in Lisbon Towers was a challenge, as it was necessary to create acoustically perfect rooms so that the business meetings did not disturb the computer operators. That is why the office space with Fantoni-brand I-Wallspace partition walls has been fitted.

It is a partition wall system with a simple design and at the same time technological.

I-Wallspace was the solution found by architecture because it responded to the needs of the project, by providing large glass surfaces and by integrating sound absorption systems, which allowed a contemporary design environment and total creative freedom in the composition of work spaces.

Transparency and brightness are one of the most striking features of Noesis offices. It was through the system that the interior architecture made the difference. Aluminum profiles were completely embedded in the floor and ceiling and gave the workspace a visual quality that normally, with the traditional glass walls in sight, is not possible to have. The versatility of the system allows the passage of all types of wiring and sound insulation up to 41dB. The embedded profiles in the floor and ceiling are suitable for projects of great formal freedom and minimalist design.

This solution promotes a purist, cubist-derived architecture and provides contemporary environments, reducing architectural language to elementary laws and the pure form of geometric solids. The almost invisible structure of the dividing walls reduces the primary figures to elemental geometry, not delimiting space and even enlarging it, making it more fluid and broad.




Ricardo Vilaça


Nuno Ladeiro


Interior design