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Chapéu Virado House

The new Chapéu Virado house owner realized that it was a valuable construction. The house showed an austere front facade with a modern look. The great state of neglect didnʼt discourage him, quite the opposite; it excited him and led him to search someone who could help restore the house and the garden, adapting it to the new needs. The multiplicity of attitudes and principles implicit in a very personal logic were fundamental in the details.

The facade was rehabilitated, the balustrades redesigned, the excesses introduced by the time were removed and it was restored the image of the original work, new frontals and patterns for new stone compositions were designed, the garden was also redesigned, the vegetation was carefully chosen and the trees were also arranged, transforming them into genuine works of art. For an inattentive look, it can be missed the vanguard of rupture that characterizes this architecture, clearly from the sixties, but the balance between tradition and modernity is the trace that better explains the rightness and the timelessness of this anonymous architectural design.


Rua dos Bem Lembrados, Cascais




Nuno Ladeiro


Architecture, Refurbishment


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