Villa Seara, Ribatejo

For more than seven years, the owners of this villa have been looking for the ideal place to build a weekend house. Having found the desired place, a two hectares land in a far away neighborhood, they  decided to give way to a dream of both. They were searching a place to enjoy the landscape, photograph, paint, a place of retreat, quiet where they could be alone, this reason was crucial to the place. The requirement they imposed on architecture was the same one they used to choose the location, which is that the land would have to be turned to the sunset.

For the owners, the colors of the sunset are very important, from orange to blue, the show is worthy of being appreciated. For what concerns the architecture they asked for simple lines, the space conceived from the inside and an implantation that does not obstruct the landscape, more than a necessity was a important idea.

Positioned from North to the South, the housing project is organized with two spaces divided into two floors. The option of a horizontal volumetry is stirred only by the introduction of a high volume that functions as an autonomous apartment. This was one of the conditioning factors of the project, a “Villa in the Seara landscape”. It was essential that this space, separated from the rest of the house, with a double dimension, had a view over the land, but could also be seen in the opposite direction. The organization of this space had a simple design with few divisions between spaces and, in a certain way, refers to the architecture of the modern movement and in particular, to the Glass House of the American architect Philip Johnson. The architectural option stands out for its rational and clean space, in which the controlled light without reflections, and the immense slab on the ground floor without any pillar in sight, allow one to better contemplate the entire exterior area.

It is clearly a reference to Mies van der Rohe. However, what marks more is not the space but the way in which the house is intended to mark its silhouette in the landscape. It is intended in a way that looking at the facade at dusk gives us this interaction of volume and mass in the natural landscape.





Under construction


Nuno Ladeiro / Carmo Branco




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