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Maurício de Vasconcelos’s House

Maurício de Vasconcelos belonged to a Portuguese generation of modernistarchitects who started working in architecture after the 1st National Congress of Architecture in 1948.

He directed its activity for his own organicist architectural language inspired in Frank Lloyd Wright, sometimes giving place to projects that are currently  eferences in the study of Portuguese modern architecture.

He was the author of several houses that marked the paradigm shift of Portuguese modern architecture. He was, among others of his time, a motor for architecture built with flat roofs that were the symbol of new architecture.

His refusal to use pitched roofs, considered traditional, understood as conservative, nationalist and anti-modern attitudes is clearly seen in his architecturalwork. He cleverly knew how to recreate the contemporary atmosphere, assigningsettings to the space that somehow suggest anything but the archetypes imposed by the New State during the 1940s and 1950s and has been called “Português Suave”.

The villa in Estoril is one of the most interesting, with flat roofs and expressive balconies that recall the extraordinary Falling Water House by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The rehabilitation project focused on preserving the existing structure, redefining the interior materials and their suitability regarding the needs of the new owners.

Therefore a modern Space was created, suited to modern life which suggests, stimulates or arouses the visitor to the new reality of design, more organic, dynamic and technologic.

The modern movement inspired architects like Maurício de Vasconcelos and, nowadays, design seeks to combine innovative materials with formal references already experienced before.







Nuno Ladeiro / Claudia Campos


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