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Museum House Fernando Pessoa

It isnʼt a museum-house, but a different space. Acting, with multiple facets, it sews this up with the guidelines of plural cultural activities that Pessoa has been creator, character and engine.

Founded in 1993, in the same place where its inspiring figure has lived since 1920, Rua Coelho da Rocha, Campo de Ourique, the house with the poetʼs name was conceived as a space with diversified intervention, respecting the image of many literary, critical and artistic skills of its mentor.

The architectural project was handed to Italian Sabrina Hermano,while the interior face of the architecture was handed to Helena Ladeiro with the collaboration of Nuno Ladeiro, who should not only define this design parts but also establish more appropriate dialogue with the proposed scenario.The multiplicity of spaces and usage – library, living areas and public attendance spaces, with the variety of parts that involve a pretext to mature ideas on dialogue between the space, the furniture that inhabit and how their relationship conditioning our living both physically and spiritually.

The result was a very light use of the plant,in which the furniture emphasizes the space without deleting it or be delete it.


Campo de Ourique, Lisboa




Helena Ladeiro / Nuno Ladeiro


Architecture, Refurbishment


Contemporâneo, Cultura