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Interpreting a customer’s ideas and wishes is always a challenge. An interior design, when it is intended to create a living space for a particular customer, should always meet their expectations. In this case, the project was carried out in view of the sensitivity of a young businessman who wanted a minimal environment punctuated with objects of excellence.

The “made in Italy” design was a requirement from the first moment. Prestigious brands edited and traded by Dimension provided a special and unusual atmosphere. But lighting also plays a key role and the lamps provide the refinement and contemporaneity so characteristic of “made in Italy” design.

Today we live in the age of personalization and even the young are demanding in defining their space. For children’s rooms, environments have been developed that perfectly fit the children’s profiles and embody their identities. In the couple’s room, we opted for a more sophisticated environment, with reading and contemplation space.

The furniture chosen was an excellent vehicle to create an environment in which multiple combinations of materials and textures to provide a functional and personalized space.


Alvalade, Lisboa




Nuno Ladeiro


Interior design


Contemporâneo, Cultura