Bakery Charlot

The Bakery Charlot is a reference in “Bairro das Olaias” in Lisbon. Built in the 1980s, the neighborhood is characterized by the strong colors and shapes of the building’s façades, typical of postmodern architecture, an architectural style widely disseminated in Portugal by Architect Tomás Taveira.

The project presents two distinct solutions, one with “warm” tones, wall surfaces covered with wooden slats and the other with a 7.5 x 15 black “urban” tile covering, which translates into a more refined and cosmopolitan environment.

Both solutions present a new organization of space, with a longitudinal counter that allows a better use of the dining space.


Olaias, Lisbon


Under development


Nuno Ladeiro / Carmo Branco


Marta Bento / Mélanie da Costa


Interior design


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