Master Plan 3 of Parque das Nações

The Master Plan III was made for the Expo 98 and itʼs a part of Architect Vassalo Rosaʼs general master plan. It constitutes approximately 30 hectares out of the 300 total area where Expo 98 was built in, currently known as Parque das Nações.

The Plan made by Architect Troufa Real, with the contribution of Architect Ribeiro Telles, painter Sá Nogueira and sculptor Fernando Conduto, had the art direction of architect Nuno Ladeiro.

The plan consists of three distinct areas: an area along the river called Mediterranean where the Marina is located,  a middle zone and the riverside promenade made by low building blocks with backyards.

The middle zone consists of a large avenue with a half kilometer long building constituted with arcades inspired by Praça do Comércio. In the highest part, near the railway line, a diagonal avenue inspired by the Cerdá plan for Barcelona was built and there were designed three cylindrical forms which are meant to remember the industrial area of oil and gas deposits.

Only Descobertas Hospital was built with this form and all the other buildings were made with other forms.

The master plan was made following different tendencies of the Cultural Modern Movement: new ways of living in the city, human social rights and respect for the environment.

On the other hand, we can find a symbolic culture with classical references to the Mediterranean tradition that recalls the Latin cities on the edge of the Mediterranean.


Parque das Nações, Lisboa




Troufa Real Direção: Nuno Ladeiro




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