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Clemente House


The Clemente House is located on a plot of land located in Quinta da Estrela, Caparica – Almada.

The single-family house is oriented along the land in the East/West direction. The ground floor  have an entrance hall with a guest bathroom, with a hallway leading to the common room with a kitchen integrated into this living space. There is also an office that can be used as a bedroom.

For the upper floor there are two bedrooms, a guest bathroom and a suite with private bathroom and closet.

The orientation of the main bedrooms to South/East allows access to a balcony over the pool. The guest room is oriented to the East and  have access to a private terrace with an olive tree.

The architecture is composed of two parallelepiped volumes superimposed in the longitudinal direction of the terrain of rationalist design. The architectural design of simple geometric shapes is related to the need to design an architecture of abstract shapes with simple, regular, symmetrical, closed and balanced configurations, instead of complex, confusing and fragmented shapes.

The architectural principles adopted are linked to the laws of grouping, continuity, similarity, proximity and relativity, situated within the immediate visual and perceptual responses, in the sense of providing stimuli with a minimum of means and efforts. The simplest, most regular and Platonic shapes such as: the flat ones – circle, square, triangle and equilateral; the volumetric ones – sphere, cube, tetrahedron and icosahedron, are the most resistant to any physical change due to their structural simplicity because they are fixed in the primary perceptual geometric patterns.


Quinta da Estrela, Almada


Under development


Nuno Ladeiro / Carmo Branco


Barbara Raimundo / Pedro Fernandes / Dominika Wodeńko




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