Villa with a view to Douro River

Located in Foz do Sousa in Gondomar, the 3-storey villa is located on a plot of 4000 m2 with a slope towards the Douro River.

The construction will have 1 Padel Court, Swimming Pool and a Pedestrian, Athletic and Sports Circuit for private use.

The land with a rectangular configuration allowed the implantation of a single-family house in the highest area.

Since the main area for car entry will be through the local lane, a large permeable area will be created for car parking and an access route to the house going downhill. For this area, ample space is intended so that cars can maneuver and the creation of a terrace with a wide view over the landscape. Car parking will be covered.

To overcome the drop of about 5 m in the descending direction, a stairway with 28 steps and rest levels will be built. There will also be a path of about 19 m for access to a ramp with an inclination of no more than 10% intended for wheelchair users. The staircase with terraces will be made in order to enjoy the landscape and the access to the house will be through a panoramic patio.

The villa is located on the ground in the direction NO – SE, to privilege the views over the landscape and in particular the Douro River. The pool will be placed at SE, so that the construction works as a barrier to protect the prevailing winds from the North quadrant, as well as the balconies of the bedrooms and the living room.  The 3-storey construction will have about 140 s.q.m. of deployment area in a total construction of 400 s.q.m. The villa and the pool will have an implantation in the land area with less slope.



Sousa Valley, Gondomar


Under development


Nuno Ladeiro / Carmo Branco


Cristian Campanile / Bárbara Raimundo