Design 2000


Anticipating the entry into the millennium with a cultural event in the design area, and planning to disclose the Portuguese design, MID organized Design 2000 exhibition, curated by architect Troufa Real and sponsored by Lisbon City Council.

The exhibition held at Palácio Galveias had the direction and coordination of Nuno Ladeiro and counted with 75 designers. Once again, this exhibition dared to provoke the confrontation between national design and international renowned editors and authors work.

Focusing on heterogeneity of design scenes, emphasizing lines of vanguard and accentuating the industrial proposal, this exhibition was organized based on a nearly chronological tour of evolution of the assumptions regarding the main planning methodologies, an evolutionary orientation, formal-geometric.

In Palácio Galveias, the investment in the assembly also insisted on a intimate dialogue with architecture, underlining the reference of the palace, on its remarkably symmetrical facades and octagonal plan, forming a square.
Thus, the exhibition symbolically recalls the three fundamental codes: square, triangle and circle. Uncoiling for 5 rooms, each one with a specific theme, the scenography was established
foremost in the wide staircase, with the chairs of Portuguese designers.

It is interesting to highlight the exhibition space of chairs, in a attempt to deconstruct this object while sitting furniture.
According with each designer’s processes, was conducted the exploration of several project strands, transformed into objects that prove diversity. In the first room, the visitor was surprised by the show of common objects that pass in unnoticed – knobs, faucets, fittings presented within capsules, as if they were jewels.

The second room offered a view from precursors of the design in Portugal representing rupture between classicism and modernity, tradition and innovation, organicism and the mechanism.