Simulação tridimensional da fachada principal

Lima House, Odivelas

Moradia Unifamiliar

The Lima house is a single-family house that occupies a plot of approximately 600.00 m2 in Odivelas and has a contemporary architecture with a flat roof, divided by a skylight, which defines two volumes, as if they were two houses in one. This skylight will allow direct light to enter the interior and in particular the stairs that connect the ground floor to the 1st floor.

Moradia Unifamiliar

The main façade, derived from Cubist, highlights the huge glazed windows of the rooms, which are quite large, which have improved thermal comfort and allow for greater light inside.

Vista do alçado Norte e piscina

The North façade presents a volume with a different treatment from the rest of the house, more abstract and sheltered, having only a fixed window in black lacquered aluminum frames on the ground floor, which will allow light to enter the room. Access from the rooms to the balcony will be ensured by two hidden glass doors in order to give more privacy to the rooms.

Pergula da piscina

On the North façade at ground floor level there will be a recessed sliding window, made up of two sheets of glass that connect the kitchen to an outdoor terrace facing the pool. From this terrace you can enjoy a cooler place in the summer months and directly overlooking the pool.

Pergula e Barbacue

When light reflects matter and our eyes decipher the light rays that enter our space, tangible objects light up and we begin to observe everything around us. Our search for beauty begins here, when we begin to understand the natural and artificial environment around us and look at the details that elevate us and make us reflect.

Ambiente da Sala

The sunlight that enters through the large windows, early in the morning, illuminates the pure white space of the room. Imagine a linear and minimal space, where everything exists in perfect balance. The room’s rigorous geometry organizes itself in complete silence and provides a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Ambiente do Quarto do Casal

The details stand out in this minimal and perfectly composed space, in a chromatic and subtle environment in which the materials contrast.
This is a place of silent perpendiculars, unpredictable softness that invites us to rest.

Pormenor da casa de banho do casal

The kitchen is in perfect harmony with the house. An extremely minimal and clean environment in which materials contrast with their simplicity and nature.

Ambiente da Cozinha

Architecture: Nuno Ladeiro & Carmo Branco

Renders: Marta Bento (designer)