Conceptual model making

Our architectural studio is dedicated to providing professional architectural design services that not only fulfills our clients’ needs but also adheres to our clients’ budget and schedule. We provide buildable solutions that create functional spaces within enriched aesthetic environments.


Conceptual model making often accompanies the initial sketches and creative brainstorming in the beginning stages of the project. This models allows our team to develop their initial ideas and explore them in a 3-dimensional way. Conceptual models are typically constructed from simple materials and are easily adjusted as the architecture is progressed.


After this procedure we do the working model, often constructed of higher quality materials that reflect specification in design. Working models help us to communicate scale, form and materials to our clients.


The Presentation model more detailed than previous models, must reflect the proposed material of the project and provide context of the site and surroundings. Sometimes additional features like illumination and colour schemes can be also included.