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Nuno Ladeiro


Nuno Ladeiro

Born on May 14, 1968, completed his studies in architecture at Lusíada University, Lisbon, in 1993. In 1995 completed his Master’s degree in Industrial Design at Domus Academy in Italy. From 1995 to 1998 he was Director of Detail Plan III of Expo 98.

He founded the studio, today called Nuno Ladeiro, Architecture + Design, which has been carrying out urbanism, architecture and design projects in Portugal and abroad. At the same time, Nuno Ladeiro was Art Director of brand Dimensão and was personally involved in all projects and the strategy of the brand, which still exists, and is also responsible for what is now called Dimensão Nova. Alongside his intense activity, Nuno Ladeiro is a university professor.

He has received awards and honorable mentions in Architecture and Design in Portugal and Italy. Nuno Ladeiro is often invited to participate as a speaker in lectures, master classes and symposiums at universities in various countries, as well as workshops and debates on architecture and design.

Unlike most architects, he began his career working on large-scale projects that leveraged his career in the late 1990s. “As soon as I finished my studies at Domus Academy in Italy I was invited to manage the Detail Plan 3 for Expo 98 in Lisbon. Although I was very young, I was the manager of this urban project and I worked with important names of the Portuguese architecture and design, among others the Architect Troufa Real, Architect Vassalo Rosa, Architect Ribeiro Teles, Urban planner Nunes da Silva, Designer Daciano Costa, Painter Sá Nogueira and the Sculptor Fernando Conduto. I ended up having a different path from the other architects of my generation who started with small scale projects and gradually grew. I started with large-scale projects and over time I also dedicate my time to interior design and nowadays I am also an expert in design furniture and small design objects ”.

At the same time, Nuno Ladeiro developed a career dedicated to university. “I started teaching in 1997 and was a professor of history of architecture but nowadays I have also the responsibility of direction of Design Course at the Lusófona University of Porto”. For Nuno Ladeiro, the main projects are not limited to large exterior projects, but also to interior space and the integration of furniture in architecture. “I like the modern architecture and its simplicity, the elementary forms that are part of the history of humanity. I believe that only with the composition of these forms we can make works that can last in time and not in just one phase. Architecture and design must be timeless”.

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Nuno Ladeiro

Born on May 14, 1968, completed his studies in architecture at Lusíada University, Lisbon, in 1993 ...


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