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HOTEL in the Avenidas Novas – LISBON

A renovated facade, with the introduction of decorative elements such as LEDs, keeping the design of the windows, replacing them only with new PVC frames. The colors chosen were the darkest gray in the stones around the gaps and a light grey in the remaining facade. The original exterior tiles were recovered and the contours of the facade were highlighted through the LEDs.

Inside, the biggest changes were made with the introduction of decorative materials that enriched the space, making it more welcoming and functional.

The Boutique Hotel has only 119 rooms, spread over 8 floors, the last one in mansard, which has provided rooms with a lot of charm.

The rehabilitation was made using leca and brick, in order to make the structure light and prevent the reinforcement of existing structure. The reinforcement of these structures was made with lightened beams. Under the floor screeds a special acoustic and thermal insulating material was used for this type of usage. In the roof, under completely replaced tiles, a plate with waterproofing properties was used, as well as acoustic and thermal insulators.

The biggest challenge was the discovery of the peculiarities of the building and the state it was in. Because it is a building with wood structure and stone masonry, we seek technological solutions that respect the existing but also give the necessary comfort appropriate to the hotel business.

The main materials used in the decoration of the hotel were wenge wood, and the dominant color wallpapers such as old gold and black. The floors of the common reception areas, restaurant, bar and bathrooms used metallic finish ceramics and the walls were gilded and covered.

The furniture in these areas also in wenge and the colorful upholstery gave the space a strong identity. The lighting provided a warm and somehow intimate atmosphere. In the corridors of the rooms, the carpeted floor and the paper walls imiating wood provided differentiated and identity environments of the Astória brand. Signage was equally important in the numbering of the rooms, made of acrylic with metallic colors, namely copper and silver. The interior of the rooms was in brown carpet and the walls, with differentiated papers on the headboard.


Rua Bramcaamp, Lisboa




Nuno Lagartinho


Nuno Ladeiro / Claudia Campos


Architecture, Refurbishment