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Residential Building Rehabilitation, Avenidas Novas – Lisbon

The 1937 building is a modernist architecture from the 1930s. The building to be rehabilitated and expanded emerges with a more rationalistic outline of clear formal simplification and geometrization, with accentuation of horizontal elements that mark the window spans and the entrance door. The building area occupies a plot of 208.00 m2 consisting of basement, ground floor and 1st floor, being confined between two buildings, one to the east and one to the west, both with patio to the south.

The proposal consists in the rehabilitation with alteration and expansion of a residential building, being the typologies to be introduced different from those existing in the basement, ground floor and 1st floor. The basement, ground floor and first floor fractions of typology T1 have an organized distribution in which the social and service area including the kitchen, toilet and storage are distributed along the corridor to the south direction. The private room  is oriented towards the north, and the basement fractions have direct access to the patio and private parking, through the platform in metal structure covered in wood Deck with stairway to the patio and balustrade in stainless steel. The two new T2 (Duplex) fractions are the expansion of the existing building, with the extension of the stairs box body by two more floors. Access to the Duplex will be through the 2nd floor.

The typology is organized with a social area consisting of hall, corridor with access to the common room and toilet, a living and dining room with south-facing balcony. The kitchen is to the north. The access to the first floor of the Duplex is via a staircase from the entrance hall. On the upper floor is the private housing area with two bedrooms.


Filipe da Mata Street, Lisbon


Under development


Nuno Ladeiro / Carmo Branco


Maribel Frangieh / Mélanie da Costa




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